Volunteering with Springfield Challenger Baseball
Volunteering with Springfield Challenger Baseball is a fun and rewarding experience. The benefits reach much further than the Community Service Hours that our volunteers receive. We track all of our volunteers’ service hours throughout the season and cumulatively from year-to-year. Service hours can be confirmed in the x2volunteer web-based tracking system if your school is a participant. For those students not tracking their hours through this system, we also provide a hardcopy record of service hours at the end of each activity. Letters of recommendation or confirmation for clubs, colleges, job applications, etc. are available upon request.

Why Volunteer with Us?

With all of the organizations from which to choose, why volunteer with Springfield Challenger Baseball? By being a buddy with a special needs friend for a few hours you are making a difference. You will gain an opportunity to experience life from the eyes of a special needs individual and will begin to understand the community’s responsibility to support persons with developmental disabilities. This is a mutually rewarding experience for both you as well as the special needs participant you help. You will also be giving the parents a brief break from the rigors of raising a special needs child.

Time Involved

Springfield Challenger Baseball schedules games on Sundays in the spring from the beginning of April through the middle of June and in the fall during September and October. From arrival to departure is between 2 to 3 hours for volunteers.

Service Hours

You will earn community service hours for your time spent volunteering with us.
Volunteer Contacts and Locations

Volunteer Coordinators:
Randy McMahon


West Springfield Little League
Central Springfield Little League
South County Little League