It has become apparent that we will be canceling our 2020 Springfield Challenger Spring season. Our goal for Challenger at this time is to focus on a 2020 Fall Season, but we won’t be able to make that decision until August 1. At that time, we will see where we are with the COVID-19 virus and work with our local administrators for the safest outlet possible. Some folks have inquired about the registration fees submitted for this spring and we would like to offer three options. First, we would like to offer that the $75 registration fee can be placed toward either the upcoming fall season or the 2021 spring season, whichever you prefer. Second, you may decide to offer the registration fee as a tax-deductible donation to Springfield Challenger. Finally, if you would like to have the fee reimbursed please let us know and we will get it to you as quickly as possible.

Eddie Garretson League President
Patti Alf Registration Director
Logan Bruno Little & Majors League Director
Ken Klein Seniors League Director
Randy McMahon Volunteer Director

About Us
Springfield Challenger Baseball is a division of West Springfield Little League for players with special needs ages 4-40. We have three divisions: Little Challenger for kids 4-12, Majors for our teenagers and our adult division for payers 19-40. It is managed under West Springfield Little League in cooperation with Central Springfield Little League and South County Little League.
We provide a volunteer-based inclusive baseball program with peer buddy support, in a positive, fun atmosphere with role models for age appropriate behavior. Our program builds self-esteem, confidence, acceptance, as well as an opportunity to establish on-going relationships with others. We also provide opportunities to socialize, learn proper cooperative behaviors, sort out problems and work together as part of a team.
Springfield Challenger Baseball give our kids a sense of belonging outside of the immediate family.
Springfield Challenger Baseball maintains an E-mail notification System
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